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About Us

Motivation behind the technology that will help create a better tomorrow.

The development of this technology is essential to cope with the current issues of antibiotic resistant microbes (for example S. aureus) that are able to survive almost all antibiotics meant to kill or weaken them. Time and cost spent on developing new antibiotics are relatively high; thus the need to prevent microbial infections by using disinfectants. Like antibiotics, there are various active ingredients used for disinfectants, this is due to the fact that microbes tend to have a rapid multiplication rate, enabling them to evolve rapidly to develop resistant to the presence of disinfectants (especially if we keep using products with the same active ingredients).

We grew up in a society that turns to numerous types of medications, supplements and other healthcare products perceiving that these products confers health advantages; 'to keep the doctors away'. It is ironic to see that these individuals who relies on ‘alternative products’ for health may actually found out that it might actually be more harmful than beneficial.

With issues such as these, an initiative intended to use safer ingredients came up and indefinitely, Malaysia is rich with natural resources and that made it an amazing reservoir of active ingredients, waiting to be discovered and developed. After more than a decade of research and testing, 'Ciera' multipurpose disinfectant was produced successfully.


Nature Profusion Sdn. Bhd

is a spin-off company to commercialise plant and herbal based anti-MRSA technology acquired from Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). Our company is supported by FRIM and Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), with FRIM as the technology and expertise provider while MTDC main toles are financing and nurturing entrepreneurs to succeed in the industry.

Our Vision

"To be a leader in an eco-friendly products supplies in Asia"

Our Mission

"To offer an alternative to current chemical based products"


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